Why should we blog for our business?

The days of flooding email lists with advertising and marketing are gone.  There is too much ‘noise’ on the internet now for that to succeed. Even if you are an organisation with an established loyal customer base, then content marketing is the way to extend your reach and retain your existing customers.

Blogs have taken the world by storm – with claims that there are 175 000 blogs starting up daily.  With more readily available and affordable access to social media more people and businesses are taking up what is largely a free or very low-cost marketing and communications tool.

Entrepreneur.com state that in a survey of marketing executive in the technology industry showed that blogs were voted 4th most effective tools for generating sales leads.

So, should you blog for your business?

The short answer is yes, and these are some of the reasons why:

Great to engage, inform and entertainment your customers

Blogging provides an invaluable method of engaging your customer base.  Providing information in a blog in an entertaining or a useful way where there is no pressure to buy a product or service is helpful to build customer engagement.

You can wax lyrical about the benefits and expertise of your business

You get the chance to write about the strengths and benefits of your product or service, promote the skills and experience – the expertise – of those in your business in a non-salesy, useful and informative way.

Comments can provide valuable insights into your customers

Many blogs allow comments.  These can provide useful and free insights into your customers’ opinions, concerns or questions.  You can use these to tweak or target your product/service or marketing.

Free value-add

Providing free information to your customers is a way of adding value.  It builds trust and establishes you and your business’s expertise.  If customers have had good value content from you, they’ll be more inclined to use your business in the future.

Customers will spend more time on your website/blog

If customers feel as though they are getting benefit from you then they are likely to spend more time on your website, page or blog, increasing your chances of selling to them.

Makes your business ‘feel’ more accessible

Showing your business’s personality in a blog can make it feel more accessible to your customers.  If they relate to the content it can build loyalty for your brand.

Inexpensive, easy to use and effective

Blogs are inexpensive and are largely very easy to use – with free and low-cost sites available.  The internet, including Youtube, have straightforward instructions for even the least tech savvy amongst us.

Great for SEO

Perhaps the greatest reason for using blogs for your business is that if they are picked up, read, shared and engaged with by customers they can be great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). As any business knows anything that ranks well in search engines is a bonus for any business.


Blogs are a no-brainer, using our expertise to write valuable, interesting, entertaining or useful content in an inexpensive way can reach, engage and retain customers.

Author: nicolejohnstoncomms

With two decades of professional writing experience, I am a ghostwriter, content creator and writing coach. I help busy people realise their dreams of finishing their books.

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