How to write your first non-fiction book in ten minutes a day. Workshops & Online Courses


Are you ready to write your first non-fiction book?

There are millions of frustrated writers out there who haven’t achieved their long-held dream to write their book.

Are you one of them? What’s stopping you?

Nicole has spoken to hundreds of writers and the most common reason is a lack of time. We have so many claims on our time – work, study, running households and children to name just a few.

It sent her back to the drawing board to work out how long would a person need to write their book.

The answer surprised her so much that she trialled it regularly in her writing tribes to test it. It works – if you want to write that book – you can do it in ten minutes a day. Nicole can help you with the how, from her many years writing professionally but there’s more to achieving your writing dreams than just knowing ‘how’.

Debbie Fisher is an accredited coach with years of experience helping people achieve their goals. She can help you move past your fear, set goals that you will achieve and teach you strategies for dealing with the dreaded writer’s block. Debbie has worked with people at all levels to help them understand and resolve the issues holding them back and she’s bringing all of those tools and experience to help you get that book written.

This workshop will show you how and take you through:

  • Getting started – finding time and space, working out what style of writer you are
  • Making it happen – deciding which book to write first and putting together an outline
  • The writing bit – reviewing, research and editing
  • Motivation – goal setting, strategies for tackling your inner demons and sticking with it.

By the time you leave this workshop you will have all of the tools you need to write your book in ten minutes a day.

Write your first non-fiction book in ten minutes a day (Online course)

There are three major reasons that the many millions of people who want to write a book don’t do it – time, space and confidence.  My course deals with each of these head on.   Let me show you how to write your first non-fiction book in just ten minutes a day for £49 if you buy it now. This introductory price will rise on 6 April 2019. 

The course is in 4 parts:

Part One – Getting started – here I deal with finding time & how much time you really need; finding space;  dealing with the issue of talent versus persistence; how you should write & what style of writer you are.

Part Two – Making it happen – we’ll discuss how you decide which book to write first and how to plan the book you decide to write.

Part Three – The writing bit – this is where you start writing ten minutes a day, every day.  I’ll provide  advice on saving & storing your writing; scheduling, reviewing, editing and research. 

Part Four – Finishing Up

If you’ve wanted to write a book but the thought feels overwhelming – this course will show how you can make your writing goal happen in just ten minutes a day.  If you follow this course and write ten minutes a day, every single day then you will be part of that small group of people who never start their book – let alone finish it.