Ghostwriting & Content Creation

Ghostwriters are for people who would prefer someone else writes their book for them.  There are many reasons for people choosing to take up this option:

  • They are simply too busy to write, yet have a great deal of knowledge and information to share with the world
  • They lack the confidence in their capacity to complete a book length writing project
  • They prefer to communicate their story to a professional writer and have them tell the story
  • The story is challenging for them personally or emotionally and they prefer to tell their story at arm’s length.

My capacity to adapt complex information for a broader, less technical audience is one of my particularly strengths. I very much enjoy ghostwriting of all types – books, e-books, reports, policy and research papers, articles, blogs and storytelling.

I would be more than happy to discuss your fiction, nonfiction book or business book with you to see if you and I would be a good fit.  Feel free to book one of my ‘Virtual Coffees’ to discuss it further. 

Ghostwriting and Content Creation Rates

My hourly rates are £50 per hour, however unless you have a requirement for short form writing – blogs or articles – the other rates may be more relevant.

  • Ghostwriting rates: £300 a day
  • Ghostwriter rate by the hour: £50 per hour
  • Ghostwriter rate by the month: £3000 – £5000, depending on your specific requirements

These are approximate prices subject to the length of your book, and other requirements such as research. The following are based on average lengths*

Average-length (35,000 word) non-fiction manuscript: £5,000 – £8,000
Fiction book/novel (70,000 words): from £10,000
Ebook for business (20,000 words): £5000 – £7000

*There is no minimum requirement for an Ebook however its critical to ensure sufficient value to readers for price.

Novels are a minimum of 50 000 words, however novellas usually run from 30000 – 50000.

If you are looking at traditional publishing consider publisher requirements in terms of length.


'I’ve worked with Nicole over the past year both on my personal communications and on my business communications and PR. Being someone that regularly writes but now I’m limited on time, she really stepped up and produced a very high level of work, at times at short notice. That is why when I needed to engage someone for similar work for a business I run, I had no hesitation that Nicole could work with us and really help drive our business forward. I would not hesitate to work with her, not only is it a joy but she really is the best at what she does.'  Alex Galviz, Co-founder of #linkedinlocal and Localx 
'Nicole helped me with writing website copy, blog posts and even simple things like events flyers.  This type of writing is not in my comfort zone and Nicole gently but assertively gave me feedback on what was and what wasn’t great about what I’d written.  Helpful suggestions made all the difference.  She is my go-to person for writing advice and that’s why I’m delighted to collaborate with her on her writing workshops.'  Debbie Fisher, Coach and Facilitator, Debbie Fisher Coaching 
Nicole has excellent written and verbal communications skills. She has first class interpersonal skills and is able to produce high quality written work - such as press releases and policy lines, within tight deadlines.  Jamie Ward-Smith, CEO, Do-It Trust