About Me

Words are my business.  For 20 years I have been providing my expertise in writing, communications and policy services for corporates, government, start ups and the third sector.  My background includes running a consultancy business, providing senior level advice to senior ministers and officials in the UK and Australian Governments.  I’ve been lucky enough to work at an international level with World Health Organisation, The Global Fund, the Gates Foundation and the World Bank to name a few.

My particular interest lies in the capacity for social impact.  Two of my current projects are around reducing financial exclusion for the many people in our society who have experienced mental health problems.  The second major, global project I am working on is by an organisation with the objective of impacting on social isolation and loneliness, providing a space for everyone to belong.  My unique mix of writing, communications, policy and politics gives me invaluable experience in taking part in projects, organisations and campaigns for whom social impact is their primary objective.

My capacity to work with people from all backgrounds and communicate their messages is one of my strengths, as is my ability to translate complex or technical information for a broader audience.