How I can help you


Do you need some help with:

  • Learning how to write a book
  • Getting started?
  • Finding book or content ideas?
  • Plans & outlines?
  • Goal setting?
  • Tracking?
  • Accountability?
  • Maintaining motivation?
  • Dealing with writer’s block and slumps?
  • Feedback?
  • Finishing up?
  • Proofing?

I’ve been coaching writers for years helping them get their books and stories out to the world. How do I do this?


Coaching Programmes

  • 1to1 coaching programmes – sprint or marathon
  • Group coaching programme

Online Writing Tribes



  • VIP Coaching Days – 1to1 & groups

Online courses


  • Online workshops
  • In person workshops


The Cabinet Maker

Winter City

Every writer learns in different ways and its for that reason that I provide 1to1 & group coaching & learning, and online & offline options. Most of my sessions are done via Zoom so nobody is excluded from being able to take part.

Feel free to join my free online writing tribes for advice, information & support. The tribes are full of writers who are both published and unpublished and make an effort to support and encourage their fellow tribes members. We have regular, free writing challenges to increase wordcounts, meet goals and to build confidence.

One is for business people and professionals who need and want to write for their businesses

The other is for fiction, autobiographies, memoirs, poetry & writing for children.

We’d love for you to join us.