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Collective Wisdom of the Writing Tribe

In a world where business people strives to be the ‘guru’, ‘thought leader’ or ‘the best’ at what they do I decided that that didn’t work for me. I don’t want to be ‘better’ than other writers, coaches, mentors or teachers. I want to be damn good at what I do and to use the years of experience and knowledge I’ve gained from writers over decades to share with aspiring writers. This is the reason I chose the trademark Collective Wisdom of the Writing Tribe.

Words are my business. I’ve been writing professionally and personally for two decades. It is my passion in all forms. I’ve studied, read and practised the writing craft and wanted to share my passion, knowledge and experience to encourage aspiring writers to get their stories out for the world to read. That is how the ‘Collective Wisdom of the Writing Tribe’ was born.

For many years I have been informally coaching, mentoring and encouraging aspiring writers and several years ago I set up the first of my online writing tribes. The objective was to offer information, advice and to cheerlead for those who want to write their stories but feel unable to because of a lack of time or confidence. This has developed into workshops, online courses and taking on clients to assist them to get their masterpieces written.

In response to my clients’ and tribe members’ concerns about a lack of time I developed a 10minute method to assist busy individuals and business owners. This method has been tried and tested repeatedly and proven to work. Additionally, I help those who would prefer to write their books in a ‘sprint’ rather than a marathon.

Some of my offerings:

Online Courses

‘How to write your first non-fiction book in ten minutes a day.’ http://www.bit.ly/10MinNonFiction

‘How to write your first fiction book in ten minutes a day.’



‘It all started with grabbing a coffee offline with her and before I knew it I was in awe of her experience and knowledge. Since then I’ve partnered up with her on varying different projects, some personal and others as part of the LocalX business I co-founded. She’s been an absolute pleasure to deal with both helping ghostwrite an article for me but also with her non-fiction online course, which has been fantastic to put more structure into something I’ve postponed for quite some time. Lastly her help with communications and policy for LocalX has been outstanding and often she has gone way beyond the call of duty to over deliver on numerous projects. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, you won’t regret it!’ Alexandra Galviz, LinkedIn Top Voice 2017 & 2018, LinkedIn Branding & Marketing, Community Creator

‘What an amazing day! Thanks so much Nicole Johnston. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew I really needed to take action on my long awaited words! The format was clear and thorough. and I came away having achieved all the stated objectives.
It’s said that we all have a book inside us, so watch this space, and if you’re thinking of putting pen to paper for your book – I can’t recommend Nicole highly enough.’
Jackie Groundsell, Owner and CEO at 1230 The Women’s Company

‘I have not shared my writing before and sharing it here gave me the confidence to continue to write. Believing now that my writing is not to sit in the computer but to be of benefit to others too and may even change lives. The feedback was given gently/kindly with information/teaching added. Thank you Nicole Johnston. It was so useful.’   Maureen Tuitt, Therapist, Group Leader and Facilitator at Insight Specialist Counselling Service

‘Although I am a professional writer of sorts – a journalist – I’d never dared hope that I could write anything creative or fiction-like because I’d set the bar too high. This group has enabled me to explore other forms of writing but more importantly get positive feedback which has made an enormous difference. Thank you Nicole.’ Anne Gould, Journalist, Writer, Editor and Video Trainer at WorkingWordz Video

‘Nicole’s group provides a safe and supportive environment for exploring your writing. Having a daily target of 10minutes writing is so achievable and I was delighted with the amount I got written in just 7 days.’ Jane Jackson, Author and Energy Practitioner at Free Your Emotions